HappyFeet Owner Testimonial

"Before working with HappyFeet Legends we worked for YMCAs and other recreational facilities. We knew that the YMCA's mission statement, 'To put Christian principles into practice through programs that help healthy  spirit, mind and body for all' was something that we both wanted to apply to our lives. The HappyFeet  Legends program has provided a perfect opportunity to do so. Building brave and creative leaders requires a  sound spirit, mind, and body. There is no better feeling than watching our philosophy click for a family, and  then they tell all their friends and family to join our program, or even better, watching your most shy player perform skills and they work! I would say the only better feeling is when that family comes up to you in Church and says, 'You know, she thanks God for you when she prays at night.' You know you are truly making a  difference when YOU are positively on the minds of those families even when you aren't together. HappyFeet is all that we have known for the last 5 years.  It's certainly been the best career opportunity we  have both ever come across. We have time to be with our children during the day- never missing a milestone! To watch our own children get excited to throw on a HappyFeet jersey, grab their Bob, and start dribbling  around the house is an absolute joy because now we have witnessed that they love what we do for a living, too! Going back to our methodology and philosophy, it would be fair to say that being parents have made us better directors and the program has aided in the way we parent. We've had many friends and family tell us that we live such a wonderful life! We are very fortunate to have a career that lets us reach out and change our community through the sport we love, and raise our children to see the same example, making them better people as well."
-Tim and Jessica Jantzen, Twin Cities HappyFeet-Legends

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