HappyFeet-Legends International - An Opportunity Without Competition?

HappyFeet is a Blue  Ocean business in so many ways yet one of the great advantages of this franchising opportunity is often passed over or minimized. 

 Our competition is almost non-existent! 

We acquire our customer base earlier than any other soccer program in the world (Age 2, 3 & 4). At this age we have either no or little competition from other professional soccer companies and what there is doesn’t understand and utilize the pre-school/daycare industry or the power of stories, songs, nursery rhymes and fun games inherent within our wonderful curriculum.

There are so few 2, 3 & 4 year old market competitors that our only competition could come from Mom and Dad. However, they struggle to entertain even their own 2 or 3 year old and definitely don’t know how to captivate and develop a group; therefore they are looking to organizations like HappyFeet to rescue them from their dilemma.

This “Blue Ocean opportunity is very much the case until professional youth coaches and clubs start offering tryouts at age 7-12. Therefore, our fundamental harvest age group is almost free and clear of meaningful competition. However, we have the best business opportunity because 2-7 is when young parents are totally captivated by their children and willing to do and pay almost anything within reason to give them a head start on life.

For our franchisees this is the ultimate “Blue Ocean” opportunity. Red Oceans are filled with the blood of competition and sharks abound. There are thousands of “Red Ocean” soccer programs with a statistical win emphasis who fight to recruit the best 10-18 year olds and have to abuse, cut, cheat, pigeonhole, bench sit their players in order to make a profit.

Conversely HappyFeet-Legends builds the business foundation in a purist environment filled with creative individual growth and development. Our purist brave, creative leader for life philosophy is one that the competition struggles to understand and can’t buy into even if they learn what we do.

We have the ultimate “Blue Ocean”. It’s incredibly good for children and parents but perversely protected by opposing “Red Ocean” coaches and a win at all costs “Red Ocean” national sports culture and tradition.

How good is this for the purist profit motive?

The fact is it couldn't be better!!

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