Benefits of Ownership

New Franchisees receive information and training as follows:

  • Training Soccer Legends Book
  • Curriculum, training DVDs, and Lesson Plans
  • Rules For Hiring and Training Employees
  • Operations Policies
  • Registration Policies & Procedures
  • Instructor Development
  • Building and Maintaining Enrollment -Director Development
  • Start up Package Includes
    • Training at HappyFeet-Legends Home City of Merriam, Kansas
    • Training at your site by HappyFeet-Legends Personnel -Operations and Instructor Manual
    • Website - Through Blue Sombrero


  1. Exclusive Territorial Rights to the HappyFeet-Legends International, Inc. Trademark and Service Mark. As the program spreads nationwide, people will recognize it and associate quality. That instant recognition is hard to beat as a sales tool. The branding has great value. This value will only increase as the brand becomes better recognized. Most Gymnastic and Dance Franchises charge licensing fees of $10,000 to $60,000.
  2. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer HappyFeet & Preschool, Day Care Classes.
  3. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer HappyFeet Teams and Leagues.
  4. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer HappyFeet Camps.
  5. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer Legends Premier Club Teams.
  6. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer Legends Academy.
  7. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer Legends Camps
  8. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer Legends Tournaments
  9. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer Legends International Tours
  10. Exclusive Territorial Rights to provide the “Training Soccer Legends” philosophy and methodology.
  11. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer HappyFeet and Legends Branded Apparel.
  12. Exclusive Territorial Rights to offer any and all promotional items, services and sponsorships negotiated at the corporate level.
  13. Full and Complete Operations procedures for all service offerings including, but not limited to: HappyFeet classes, teams, camps, and leagues; Legends Teams, Camps, Tournaments and Tours.
  14. Full and Complete Training on all Service offerings including but not limited to: HappyFeet classes, teams, camps, and leagues; Legends Teams, Camps, Tournaments and Tours. These will provide opportunities for your staff to pick up new techniques, games and brainstorm with other HappyFeet-Legends experts.
  15. Complete Sales and Marketing procedures and training for all services offered including, but not limited to: HappyFeet classes, teams, camps, and leagues; Legends Teams, Camps, Tournaments and Tours.
  16. Fully Integrated Website and full Web support - through Oasys Sports
  17. Exclusive Territorial Rights to all HappyFeet-Legends Marketing Materials personalized for your franchise location.
  18. One-Stop Print Production Services provided at the most competitive prices.
  19. Ongoing Training, Support, Consulting and Counseling. As questions and situations arise, Franchisees have access to experts who can provide input and share experiences. Having the ability to send a new HappyFeet-Legends director or key employee to get professional training could be the difference between a successful transition and crippling your program. Key employees will transition out of your organization and the opportunity to properly train them in-house may not always be available. The HappyFeet-Legends organization acts as an insurance against total program collapse due to sudden key employee transitions
  20. Corporate sponsorship opportunities. HappyFeet-Legends is nationally sponsored by Nike. The Nike sponsorship will generate revenue when franchisees start teams. Other sponsorships may provide opportunities for co-marketing in local periodicals and general free marketing opportunities and giveaways.
  21. Curriculum updates. Creative instructors always come up with new ideas and games. Our constant goal is to improve the curriculum to maximize child potential.
  22. Newsletters. Being part of a larger community means sharing ideas, tips and pitfalls. A business is usually good because the people behind it are continually looking to improve and grow. Isolated businesses can stagnate while a community helps stimulate improvement and growth.
  23. Shining Stars programming and all of the associated materials - this is a drama enrichment program which started in 2013 and is a comlimentary program to HappyFeet aimed at developing public speaking and confidence with our participants.

Most of the initial fee covers the costs of the initial franchise package and ongoing support i.e. brochures, brochure design, T-shirts, posters, training, travel etc. The franchising fee helps pay for the yearly costs of running the HappyFeet-Legends administration. We coordinate and provide marketing, advice, intellectual property, training seminars, updates, curriculum, website etc.

The thought of taking the time and expense to develop and write a curriculum, design marketing materials, develop and write instructor training material etc, etc is overwhelming. HappyFeet-Legends turnkey package is designed to get your child development revenue flowing quickly and easily.


Can you afford to risk making learning curve mistakes? What is it you want, a successful business or a tough and rocky road?

Our package includes brochures, intellectual property, coaching book, signage, web site, marketing materials and training here at our home site as well as personal visits to your territory.

The response has been overwhelming and HappyFeet-Legends International, Inc. is destined to become the preferred leader in soccer franchises and services companies.

The company’s goal is to grow on the basis of a network of satisfied Franchisees. The business philosophy is that the best way to have satisfied Franchisees is to have great programs that translate into happy kids and parents that keep coming back for more.

Our method for delivering great programs is focus and passion. We have passion for two things; our unique developmental curriculum and soccer business operations. One of our core values is to continually evolve our programs, business model and Franchisee support so everyone wins, the Franchisee, kids, parents, HappyFeet-Legends, and communities.

We will help in every aspect to prepare you to start making revenue from this business.

HappyFeet-Legends is designed to be inexpensive to start. No leasehold improvements, no design costs, little or no capital expenditure.

If you are interested contact us and we’ll send you an attached questionnaire. We are only looking for mature, motivated people who are serious about having a long-term profitable soccer business.

If you have the desire and ability to run this business, why wouldn’t you want to get started?

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