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Apr, 2015

State-of-the-art Facilities

After nearly twenty years of believing that a specifically designed and structured indoor environment would guarantee exceptional shooting and deceptive dribbling development the revolutionary "KC Legends Training Facility" is finally complete. It has been engineered to maximize an incredible degree of accurate, quick release first and second time shooting repetition. The unique set up will allow players to achieve their goal scoring and play making potential in ways that would be impossible without such a resource.

The turf is top of the line, (field turf type), with long synthetic grass blades and rubber infill granules to facilitate the give and response of a perfect outdoor field surface.

The large fields  have squared corners and a board height of eight feet so that the whole northwest wall can be used as a shooting rebound surface. This surface, (and the 9 designated 4 feet high x eight feet wide target areas it contains), will guarantee each player many thousands of accurate competitive shooting repetitions during the late fall, winter, early spring indoor practice season. It will also allow our teams and coaches to reschedule outdoor practices that would normally be lost from outdoor to indoor.

Furthermore, the facility contains the only known "Box Soccer Courts". These 33 “tight and fast” first time shooting areas measure 11 x 20 feet (for advanced players) and 8 x 9 feet (for younger players).  They are designed for two players to compete against each other and will inevitably develop a phenomenal level of first time finishing/goal scoring accuracy. Tremendous first time finishing capability has always been difficult to coach. This is because no practice drill can guarantee players realistic and repetitive first time shooting challenges in the game specific way that our courts and an opponent can. These "Box Soccer" areas are the only courts we know of in the world that have been specifically constructed, (with a documented set of rules), to develop great first time finishing skills.

There is also a mirrored technical training area.  This is where players can practice their Legends deceptive dribbling moves while getting instant visual feedback on their technique.  This approach has been used effectively to refine technique in aerobics, dance and martial arts studios.

The facility is also used for more traditional soccer programs such as 3 v 3 and 4 v 4 leagues, camps, clinics, birthday parties etc.

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